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 EN  Elitum2 is a hard-oldschool server wich combines a old and true gameplay with modern comfort Primary: •Drop, yang and exp rates 15% (30% în weekend), max level 99 and max status 90 •Upgrade items dropable at mobs, 55 books for G and quests for items, yang, exp and others •Horse with monkey medals and server and Client with no crashes and bugs. vents: •Server (in-game) will be named after first player wich reaches level 99, and first top 10 are winning MD! •Random giveaways with MD prizes here on discord on #ğŸŽ‰giveaways channel! •Friday/Saturday/Sunday 08:00 PM (UTC+02:00) CL Event 1 hour Server is without: •Alchemy, Sash, Lycan and 6/7    RO   Elitum2 este un server classic hard oldschool...