About Elitum2 Time: 23.09.2021 21:08

Elitum2 is a hard-oldschool server which combines an old and true gameplay with modern comfort

•Drop, yang and exp rates 15% (30% in weekends), max level 99 and max status 90
•Upgrade items are dropping at mobs, 55 books for G and quests for items, yang, exp + many more
•Horse upgradable with horse medals

•Server and Client with no crashes or bugs.
•Server name (in-game) will be changed by the first player which reaches level 99!
•Random giveaways with MD prizes on discord,keep an eye on #🎉giveaways  channel!
•Check #đź“…event-calendar  for calendar of events

Server is without:
•Alchemy, Sash, Lycan and 6/7